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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Now the Canceriano Poeta has an English version!

For those not familiar: the CP is a blog of Brazilian poetry that began in February 2011.
Conceived and written by Victor Iturriet Braz, a Brazilian, born July 12, 1995 (hence the name "Cancer"), he began writing poetry of love melancholy in 2007, but, the time passed and a lot has changed and today he writes love poetries about, critical, angry ... Anyway, the idea of this post is not writing a biography about me.

It was understood that the CP is a blog of poetry, however, the question is: why make an English version? Since the foreign visitors have increased on the main page (in Portuguese), it became obvious the need for an identical page, however, in English.

Anyway, i will translate the poems and pass to this page over time.

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